Neuropathy Testimonials

Neuropathy Testimonials

  • "Over the last couple of years I have had difficulty walking and was experiencing balance issues. Symptoms included, aching legs, numbness, prickliness, and my feet always seemed to be cold. While at an appointment at Back in Motion, I noticed that they were offering a new therapy for neuropathy. The diagnostic procedure was very comprehensive and it was abundantly clear that I was suffering from neuropathy.

    After a series of sessions I had radically improved. My balance is much better and I am more confident in my walking ability. The therapy coupled with the dietary supplements has made a huge difference in my life.

    The entire staff is extremely professional and helpful. They made me feel like a part of the family. If you are experiencing some of the symptoms that I have described, make an appointment with Dr. Ken French at Back in Motion. It will change your life!"
    - Leslie B.
  • "My husband was diagnosed with peripheral neuropathy after his treatments for multiple myeloma. We were told by his doctors that the neuropathy was irreversible. He was suffering badly with pain in his feet and legs so we decided to begin treatments and supplements suggested by Dr. French. Incredibly, my husband improved 85% with 6 treatments. It was amazing! We are very pleased with the results and will continue on a maintenance program to keep the progress he has made."
    Joy & Emil B.
  • "My husband and I were having a lot of problems with our legs and feet and it was a real blessing to know about these wonderful professionals, Dr. Ken and Dr. Tammy French. Also the amazing professional staff always on top of your needs and problems, everybody at Back in Motion really cares about the clients like family. The treatments work perfect and helps a lot. Thank you for your excellent service."
    Anneliese R.


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  • "Dr.'s Ken and Tammy are dedicated professionals who are responsive and caring and always strive to diagnose and treat my neck and back pain. The office staff is amazing and friendly. I highly recommend Back in Motion. They are the only chiropractors I will ever use."
    Pamela M. -