Laser Therapy

K-Laser is a proven drug free, surgery free and pain free treatment for anything from back, neck, shoulder, knee and hip pain.  It has great results for acute pain as well as chronic pain.  K-Laser also has success with the treatment of plantar fasciitis, trigeminal neuralgia and neuropathy.  Professional and US national sports teams, as well as healthcare providers and specialists throughout the world rely on the therapeutic power of K-Laser.

Scientifically proven to biostimulate tissue repair and growth, K-Laser's red and near-infrared wavelengths create therapeutic effects, such as pain relief, shortened healing time, increased circulation and decreased swelling.

We are excited to offer this service at Back in Motion and help our patients achieve optimal relief and quickly restore a greater quality of life.

To make an appointment for K-Laser treatment call Back in Motion at 239-598-2244.  Back in Motion is currently accepting new patients, and the staff is available to answer your questions on K-Laser therapy.


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  • "Dr.'s Ken and Tammy are dedicated professionals who are responsive and caring and always strive to diagnose and treat my neck and back pain. The office staff is amazing and friendly. I highly recommend Back in Motion. They are the only chiropractors I will ever use."
    Pamela M. -